Roof Replacement

If your roof leaks or is over fifteen years old, it could be time to get a replacement. Your home is a place you want to protect and one of your largest investments. That’s why it’s crucial you make sure it’s in excellent shape. 

Rogue Roofing offers the best roof replacement service around. With upfront communication and careful attention to detail,  Rogue Roofing offers tear offs and re-roofs on residential homes of any size. 


Roof Repair

We do roof repairs right the first time. At Rogue Roofing, we believe in being honest and thorough in everything we do.

Whether you have a small or large area to repair, we won’t give you a band-aid fix. We’ll do it right by replacing the entire section of old roof with new.

With Rogue Roofing you can rest assured that the life of your roof will be extended and it  will be completely leak free.

Roof Inspection

At Rogue Roofing we offer in depth roof inspections on old homes or new homes.

If you recently had your roof installed and you want to be sure it was done with care, we offer roof inspections to make sure everything was done with excellence down to each detail. 

With our roof inspection service, you will receive a report of the good the bad and even the ugly; guaranteeing you peace of mind or spotting issues so you can get them fixed right away.